How I Got a Pretty Decent Score at the TOEFL Test

One of the requirements for studying at the UGA is to get 80 points at the TOEFL test with at least 20 points in the Speaking and Writing section. Since the application deadline for the Spring term 2014 is October, 15th and you can take the TOEFL only once every three weeks, it had to work at the first try. After getting a pretty good score (Reading 30/30, Listening 28/30, Speaking 27/30, Writing 30/30, Total 115/120), I want to share… Read More

Studying at the UGA in the Spring Term 2014

UGA Main Library

Two times a year, exactly three students from our faculty of computer science get the opportunity to study at the University of Georgia (UGA), Athens, USA for one semester with a scholarship from the DAAD. Two weeks ago, Thomas Haas, Matthias Bohleber, and I got the great news that we’ll be those three students in the spring term 2014 (January, 2nd – May, 12th)! The cooperation partners are the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the Terry College of Business but… Read More