Studying at the UGA in the Spring Term 2014

UGA Main Library

Two times a year, exactly three students from our faculty of computer science get the opportunity to study at the University of Georgia (UGA), Athens, USA for one semester with a scholarship from the DAAD.
Two weeks ago, Thomas Haas, Matthias Bohleber, and I got the great news that we’ll be those three students in the spring term 2014 (January, 2nd – May, 12th)!
The cooperation partners are the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the Terry College of Business but we can attend every course that counts for our masters degree.
In case you are interested in this exchange program, you can find more information here and here.

But of course, there is some preparation that needs to be done:

  • TOEFL test with an overall score of 80 and at least 20 on speaking and writing
  • GRE test
  • Student visa for the USA
  • Planning what courses to attend
  • Get some letters of recommendation

And I need to finish my bachelor thesis in the first week of September. But I’m very confident that this is doable since there couldn’t be a better motivation!

In the next months, I’ll use this blog to share my experiences during the preparation and hopefully I can provide some useful information as well.

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