Give Tiling Window Managers a Shot!


In a previous post I mentioned the i3 tiling window manager and I think this topic deserves some additional words. What is a tiling window manager? The default window managers on Windows and the most Linux distributions are stacking, floating, or compositing window managers. They all allow the overlapping of windows which means that the user often has to bring windows back into the foreground in order to interact with them. Since Windows 7 it is easier to arrange windows… Read More

JKLÖ is the New HJKL

jklö keys

A few months ago I switched from Windows to Ubuntu. On Windows I used the mouse for many tasks but on Ubuntu this has changed dramatically. i3 It all started with a friend telling me about the tiling window manager i3. It took a few days to get used to it and configuring the key bindings was a little annoying but now I’m more than happy with it. Especially the navigation using the jklö (german keyboard layout) or jkl; (american… Read More