Breadcrumbs for WordPress Themes with Bootstrap 3

Previously, I have used the Yoast breadcrumbs for this blog. Bootstrap 3 also offers some nice breadcrumbs and I want to explain how to use them in a WordPress theme. I’m using the Roots theme but this should work in every theme that uses Bootstrap 3. The Code We need to insert two pieces of code. The PHP function that creates the breadcrumbs and a function call to insert the breadcrumbs. The breadcrumb function looks like this: When using the… Read More

Final Version of My Bachelor Thesis and Colloquium

After getting the opportunity to study in the USA next year, I had to finish my bachelor thesis one month earlier than expected. Still, I’m quite happy with the result. Its title: Implementation of Modified Kneser-Ney Smoothing on Top of Generalized Language Models for Next Word Prediction The abstract: Next word prediction is the task of suggesting the most probable word a user will type next. Current approaches are based on the empirical analysis of corpora (large text files) resulting… Read More