Studying at the UGA in the Spring Term 2014

UGA Main Library

Two times a year, exactly three students from our faculty of computer science get the opportunity to study at the University of Georgia (UGA), Athens, USA for one semester with a scholarship from the DAAD. Two weeks ago, Thomas Haas, Matthias Bohleber, and I got the great news that we’ll be those three students in the spring term 2014 (January, 2nd – May, 12th)! The cooperation partners are the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the Terry College of Business but… Read More

What My Bachelor Thesis is About

So finally I found some time to write again. The main reason for the silence on this blog was (and still is) by bachelor thesis. Normally, when I get asked “What is your bachelor thesis about?”, I answer something like “It’s about next word prediction”. If you are interested in some details, please continue reading :-) Today I had a first talk about my bachelor thesis. You can find the slides here. In case you don’t have time to look… Read More