Organizing Paper Collections with JabRef


Currently I’m writing my bachelor thesis and during the related work research I ran into some organizing problems. The strategy of putting every paper into a folder and hoping for the best just fails at some point. So I spend some time on finding a better way of organizing scientific papers. Requirements The first step was gathering some requirements that a organizing system should fulfill to be sufficient on the long term. There are three areas that I took into… Read More

Give Tiling Window Managers a Shot!


In a previous post I mentioned the i3 tiling window manager and I think this topic deserves some additional words. What is a tiling window manager? The default window managers on Windows and the most Linux distributions are stacking, floating, or compositing window managers. They all allow the overlapping of windows which means that the user often has to bring windows back into the foreground in order to interact with them. Since Windows 7 it is easier to arrange windows… Read More