Ready for Departure(?)

After more than half a year of preparation it finally gets serious. Our plane departures tomorrow (December 30th) at 9:45 a.m. at Frankfurt Airport and will arrive at 2:09 p.m. (8:09 p.m. german time) at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. From there, we will take a bus or cab to Athens and hopefully arrive at our apartment before 7:00 p.m. to get our keys at the office. The UGA registration will be on January 3rd and the classes begin on… Read More

Breadcrumbs for WordPress Themes with Bootstrap 3

Previously, I have used the Yoast breadcrumbs for this blog. Bootstrap 3 also offers some nice breadcrumbs and I want to explain how to use them in a WordPress theme. I’m using the Roots theme but this should work in every theme that uses Bootstrap 3. The Code We need to insert two pieces of code. The PHP function that creates the breadcrumbs and a function call to insert the breadcrumbs. The breadcrumb function looks like this: When using the… Read More

Final Version of My Bachelor Thesis and Colloquium

After getting the opportunity to study in the USA next year, I had to finish my bachelor thesis one month earlier than expected. Still, I’m quite happy with the result. Its title: Implementation of Modified Kneser-Ney Smoothing on Top of Generalized Language Models for Next Word Prediction The abstract: Next word prediction is the task of suggesting the most probable word a user will type next. Current approaches are based on the empirical analysis of corpora (large text files) resulting… Read More

How I Got a Pretty Decent Score at the TOEFL Test

One of the requirements for studying at the UGA is to get 80 points at the TOEFL test with at least 20 points in the Speaking and Writing section. Since the application deadline for the Spring term 2014 is October, 15th and you can take the TOEFL only once every three weeks, it had to work at the first try. After getting a pretty good score (Reading 30/30, Listening 28/30, Speaking 27/30, Writing 30/30, Total 115/120), I want to share… Read More

Studying at the UGA in the Spring Term 2014

UGA Main Library

Two times a year, exactly three students from our faculty of computer science get the opportunity to study at the University of Georgia (UGA), Athens, USA for one semester with a scholarship from the DAAD. Two weeks ago, Thomas Haas, Matthias Bohleber, and I got the great news that we’ll be those three students in the spring term 2014 (January, 2nd – May, 12th)! The cooperation partners are the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the Terry College of Business but… Read More

What My Bachelor Thesis is About

So finally I found some time to write again. The main reason for the silence on this blog was (and still is) by bachelor thesis. Normally, when I get asked “What is your bachelor thesis about?”, I answer something like “It’s about next word prediction”. If you are interested in some details, please continue reading :-) Today I had a first talk about my bachelor thesis. You can find the slides here. In case you don’t have time to look… Read More

Organizing Paper Collections with JabRef


Currently I’m writing my bachelor thesis and during the related work research I ran into some organizing problems. The strategy of putting every paper into a folder and hoping for the best just fails at some point. So I spend some time on finding a better way of organizing scientific papers. Requirements The first step was gathering some requirements that a organizing system should fulfill to be sufficient on the long term. There are three areas that I took into… Read More

Give Tiling Window Managers a Shot!


In a previous post I mentioned the i3 tiling window manager and I think this topic deserves some additional words. What is a tiling window manager? The default window managers on Windows and the most Linux distributions are stacking, floating, or compositing window managers. They all allow the overlapping of windows which means that the user often has to bring windows back into the foreground in order to interact with them. Since Windows 7 it is easier to arrange windows… Read More

JKLÖ is the New HJKL

jklö keys

A few months ago I switched from Windows to Ubuntu. On Windows I used the mouse for many tasks but on Ubuntu this has changed dramatically. i3 It all started with a friend telling me about the tiling window manager i3. It took a few days to get used to it and configuring the key bindings was a little annoying but now I’m more than happy with it. Especially the navigation using the jklö (german keyboard layout) or jkl; (american… Read More

What is Web Science?


The decision which area to choose for studying the Master wasn’t easy to make because of the many alternatives that were available. I gathered some information to find out more about Web Science and what the curriculum could look like. In this post I want to share my current understanding of the term Web Science. Definition Let us first have a look at some definitions of Web Science: “Web science is the socio-technical science that investigates how the World Wide… Read More